It’s nearly the start of the annual 2017 WKSA Scottish Tournament. Here’s everything you need to know before you arrive to ensure you’re fully prepared.

Remember there will be no classes on Wednesday 24th of May.


Please note this timetable is just a rough guide. Times may change and if the previous events finish early we will begin the next early so please ensure you arrive with plenty time. Please also listen and check regularly for any ring announcements or for information on starting times.


9am – 12noon: National Testing
1.15pm – 3.30pm: Demo practice
4pm onwards: Black Belt tournament (adults)


7am: Judges meeting, ALL Black Belts to attend
8am: Black Belt tournament (ages 17 and under)
9am: Colour Belt tournament (ages 17 and under)
1pm: Colour Belt Tournament (adults)
5pm: Promotions and Master’s Exhibition (Allow 30 mins either side for start time, may start early or late)

Tournament Helpers

KSW Glasgow are once again helping with the organisation and running of tournament so expect to see our friendly faces when when you arrive. If anyone from KSW Stirling is free to help out on the day please let KSN Andrew know, the more the merrier and we will likely need cover for the odd coffee break here and there…

National Testing

If you are participating in National Testing please ensure you arrive with plenty time to warm up, change and get used to the surroundings. We advise arriving around an hour early to allow us time to make any last minute arrangements or deal with last minute unforseen issues.

Please ensure you bring:

  • Uniform with correct patches and don’t forget your belt
  • All relevant weapons (Please note all weapons should be official WKSA weapons)
    • DBNs – Staff and wooden Sword
    • JKNs – Staff, Sword, Short Staff
  • Plenty to drink (it gets warm at Grading)
  • Some light easily digestible/high energy snacks
  • Any paperwork or money that needs to be handed in

If you are a Black Belt and are not grading, please attend with your Generals uniform to help run the Testing.

Promoting Students and Black Belts performing in the Master’s Exhibition

Demo practice is usually held in the time between National Testing and the Black Belt Tournament. This is compulsory for anyone who is due to promote on the Saturday evening so we can go through the promotion procedure.

You are also able to participate in the Demonstration immediately after you promote. Please note you need Generals Uniform to participate in Demo. The time for Demo practice is not usually at a set time so please listen carefully for instructions at the end of National Testing.

Black Belt Tournament

For Black Belts who are competing, please arrive and register in plenty time. Remember to keep your competitors wristband on for the next day as this includes spectators entry the next day. Also any Colour Belts who would like to watch Black Belt tournament can collect their competitors wristband early which will gain them entry to spectate. Other spectators may pay to watch on the day, info on this under the Spectators heading below.

Remember to bring:

  • Both uniforms – regular training uniform and Generals for weapons categories
  • Weapons – Staff and Sword
  • Sparring Gear
    • Dipped foam head guard
    • Dipped foam mitts
    • Dipped foam boots
    • Gum shield
    • Groin guard for males
    • Shin guards (optional)
  • Drinks to keep hydrated

Colour Belt Tournament

Please arrive and sign-in in plenty time before your listed start time. Listen closely for ring assignments, these will be as soon as your ring is ready and may not follow a logical rank order.

Please remember to bring the following:

  • Full uniform with patches
  • Sparring Gear
    • Dipped foam head guard
    • Dipped foam mitts
    • Dipped foam boots
    • Gum shield
    • Groin guard for males
    • Shin guards (optional)
  • Staff (Brown Belts and DBNs only)
  • Drinks to keep hydrated


Anyone can come and watch the tournament and Master’s Exhibition (including Black Belt promotions), the cost is £8 for adults, £5 for kids and under 5s can enter for free. This price covers both days of Tournament and the Master’s Exhibition.

Master’s Exhibition

Anyone participating ensure you arrive early, remember it may start up to half an hour early. Don’t queue outside if you are in the Demo or promoting, just come straight in and line up when required.

Spectators expect there to be a large queue outside and to guarantee a good seat please arrive on time. If you have a competitors or spectators wristband from Tournament this allows entry to the Demonstration but if you (or friends/family) are only coming to watch the Exhibition please allow extra time to pay, info on prices above in the Spectators section.

Good luck to everyone who is participating over the weekend, we are looking forward to seeing you all there!