2017 UK Tournament

Next week we will be attending the 2017 WKSA UK Tournament. The event sees students and Masters from across the world come together for tournament as well as Black Belt national testing, instructors seminar, and a Master’s Exhibition to cap off the weekend.

For anyone who is attending, read on to ensure you arrive fully prepared.


New Events

We have added all Events we currently have scheduled for 2017, including all Grading Dates.

We will add more information on events when it becomes available and there will likely be more events arranged so keep checking back.

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Tournament and Grading Preparation

It’s nearly the start of the annual 2017 WKSA Scottish Tournament. Here’s everything you need to know before you arrive to ensure you’re fully prepared.

Remember there will be no classes on Wednesday 24th of May.


New Club Merch

To coincide with the launch of our brand new website, we have new T-Shirts and Hoodies (with or without a zipper) available to order. They are available in black with yellow (as pictured) or with light grey graphics.

These are only available to Kuk Sool Won™ members, for prices and extra info please speak to KSN Andrew during class or use our Contact page. Please note that the Stirling version will feature Stirling in place of Glasgow in the mock up images below:

Club t-shirt front designClub hoody rear design